Every detail is important. Wagner Planters was created with this statement in mind. We are very excited to present you Wagner Planters – a new era of planters that bring nature to the modern world!

Wagner Planters is a brand of high-quality galvanized steel outdoor and indoor planters for use in restaurants, hotels, retail units, office buildings, luxury landscapes and stately homes.

The distinguishing feature of any planter is a wide range of decorative inserts an among these are:

  • painted galvanized steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • solid wood,
  • corten steel,
  • artificial and natural stone
  • LED lights under acrylic glass.

Alongside with the 36 dimensions, a client can customize a dream planters to fulfil any idea of creating any plant composition.

The biggest advantage is it’s resistance to frost and heat. Usually outdoor metal planters are heated during summer and quickly cooled down during winter time, causing the risk of plant death due to roots being freezed or burned.


Wagner Planters solved this problem!

We have created a unique design of the planter body by hermetically filling it with a 3.6cm layer of polyurethane foam. This design creates a thermos effect for the soil of the planted plants, preventing the plant roots from heating up and freezing.

The use of polyurethane foam makes Wagner Planters also very durable. Their flexible walls adapt perfectly to the expansion and contraction of freezing and thawing soil as well as make Wagner Planters resistant to external sources of mechanical damages.

Universality is another advantage of Wagner Planters. We have designed an internal “Quick Change” metal support system that allows you to place plants without replanting them from their nursery pots. By setting the supports to the correct height, you can easily adjust the volume of the planter to install plants of various sizes (from small to large). A future happy owner of a planter will enjoy unlimited possibilities for continuous planting all the year round!

Today’s world has a lot to offer. The possibilities are vast and the decision to purchase an item requires a lot of thinking and evaluating. We should not only pay attention to the quality of used materials while buying a product, we also have to take into consideration the environmental impact of the item. Wagner Planters uses galvanized steel, polyurethane foam as well as powder paint which are all environmentally-friendly.

Wagner Planters are resistant to moisture, sun, rain, sudden temperature changes and UV radiation. Our containers are easy to clean and maintain and have increased resistance to salts and acids found in rainwater.

Wagner Planters was created with an idea and deep conviction: we combine goods of modern World with nature and for nature.

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