Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.


Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.

Is it possible to make custom-sized planters that are not included in the price list?

It is possible, but this will be associated with higher production and time costs, which will affect the final price for the client. In the case of non-standard sizes, the best solution would be to produce a larger number of planters. This way, the price of a single planter can be reduced.

Each model has its own size range, from which the client can choose a suitable size for himself. For all Wagner Planters models, except FOREST, we provide 36 sizes to choose from. The size range of the FOREST model includes 12 options with different combinations of length, width and height.

Is it possible to order planters of any other shape?

Wagner Planters are available in rectangular and square shapes. It is also possible to create planters in the shape of a tapering cone.

Planters of different shapes must be discussed and agreed upon with the dealer.

How are the planters transported to the client?

The transport of planters is paid by the customer according to the Incoterms (EXW). For all questions regarding the organization of transport, please contact your dealer.

Is it possible to make a planter without a decorative insert?

Yes it is, but in this case, the width of the planter will be 34 cm. The decorative insert is always at the width of the planter; the peculiarities of production do not allow making the width longer than 34 cm.

An alternative to planters without the decorative insert would be either the CLASSIC model with the body and a decorative insert in one colour, or a modular planter.

What is a modular planter?

Each module consists of two side walls, a metal tank at the bottom that serves as a water reservoir, a plastic ground tub, legs and brackets for attaching the modules to each other. We close the entire modular kit with end pieces on both sides.

The length of one module is 1.5 meters, 1.84 meters if we include the side parts. The entire modular set has a smooth surface, characterized by the absence of decorative inserts. The end piece can accommodate a decorative insert at the request of the client.

Modules can be fastened to each other in any quantity required by the project, forming not only a straight line, but also an angle of 45 and 90 degrees using special modular transitions.

How does the ordering process look like?

If you want to order a planter through an online store, you will have to add a planter to your cart. By going to your cart and clicking the “place an order” button, you will send us a request and we will contact you directly. Please note that while clicking “place an order” button, you don’t have to transfer any money to us. After verifying with you all the details of your order, we will send an invoice for payment.

You can also start placing your order through the configurator. After selecting planters, there is an “add to cart” option.

For any additional questions about placing an order, please call us or send an email.

Is it possible to make a planter with several decorative inserts?

Yes it is. The decorative insert is always at the width of the planter, so it is possible to make two or more decorative inserts. For such requests, please contact us personally, so that we can learn more details of the order and provide a price list.

Are there holes for excess water drainage?

Of course. First, the bottom of the planter has a square hole in the middle. The polystyrene support, which is placed on the metal rails, also has holes on the sides for excess water to drain.

Is the planter self-watering?

At this stage, such planter is under development.

How many sizes does each model have?

CLASSIC, STEEL, STONE and CORTEN are available in 36 standard sizes. The size range of the FOREST model includes 12 options with different combination of length, width and height.

How many decorative inserts are there?

The name of each model is derived from its decorative insert. The CLASSIC model has a decorative insert made of galvanized steel, the STEEL model has a stainless steel insert, the FOREST model is characterized by a decorative solid wood insert (most often we use pine and oak), the STONE model has a decorative insert made of natural or piece granite, and the CORTEN model has a corten steel insert. The LED model is distinguished by a decorative insert made of acrylic glass with led lights behind it. It is possible to engrave a logo and any inscription on acrylic glass.

From which country can I order a planter delivery?

At the moment, we are working with all EU countries. If your country is not a member of the European Union or is located on a different continent altogether, please contact us about the possibility and timing of your delivery.

What shape are the covers?

The lids can be round or oval cut.

Is it possible to make a planters on wheels?

Of course. The planters are equipped with hidden wheels that allow them to be moved over the surface and to the intended place. The wheel locking system allows you to fix the planter on inclined surfaces, preventing them from moving and tipping over. The castors are always the standard, although legs can be attached on request.

Is there a warranty for your planters?

The warranty differs depending on the model. For the FOREST model, the warranty is one year, for all other models two years.

Which colour of the case can I choose?

There is a basic and extended palette of planter colours according to the RAL catalogue, which is presented in our catalogue. By special order, it is possible to paint the planter in any colour according to the RAL catalogue.

What are the most important properties of polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane foam is characterized by its very good insulating properties with regards to the flow of heat and cold. It is this material that is used in the manufacture of refrigeration equipment, in which maintaining a constant temperature is highly valued. Its heat resistance safeguards from such high and low temperatures, which otherwise significantly exceed the capacities of polystyrene. Also, polyurethane foam has high density, which gives it elasticity in case of impact, and is also durable.