Modern Planters for Both Commercial and Residential Spaces

Modern. Aesthetic. Weather resistant. Metal planters suitable for both residential or commercial spaces. Enhance yours with one.

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With their unmistakable, sleek design, Wagner Planters are a significant aesthetic addition to both residential and commercial areas.

We created Wagner Planters with these goals in mind – to seamlessly blend the natural and artificial worlds, to protect the plant roots from freezing or heating up and to achieve a harmonising effect in each particular space, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, our planters are also highly practical due to their weather resistance capabilities and easy planting “Quick Change” system.

Quick Change System

A "Quick Change" metal support system is also possible.

It allows you to change the height of the built-in metal supports so that the smaller pot of your choice fits the Wagner Planters one. This allows you to skip the whole repotting process and change the planter contents in seconds. If winter is approaching and you want to change the contents of the planter to something more cold tolerant, you can do so in very little time. You can repot plants all year round and change them as you see fit, without having to repot them from their primary pots.

Weather Resistance

A common problem with metal planters is that they tend to overheat quickly when exposed to sunlight and cool down quickly when the temperature drops. This results in the risk of potted plants dying from root freezing or burning.
This is not an issue with our planters, which have a 36 mm layer of polyurethane foam filling the planter body. It helps create a "thermos effect" in the soil, preventing plant roots from heating up or freezing. All Wagner Planters can withstand temperatures as low as -15 degrees, and will even handle lower temperatures with additional insulation.

Shapes and Sizes

Our planters come in either square or rectangular forms, with possible side dimensions of 50 cm (S), 75 cm (M), 100 cm (L) or 150 cm (XL).
Therefore a length x width x height of 50x75x150 would be expressed as: SxMxXL.
Custom-sized planters can also be made on a special order.

Modular Planters

The Modular planter is the perfect choice for those who like order, in a broad sense of the word. If you've ever tried to arrange your garden space in such a way as to create the perfect place for rest, work, and relaxation, but you were tired of constantly rearranging the pots side by side, this product is a great solution for you! Thanks to the features of the Modular planter, creating the arrangement of your dreams is much easier and pleasant.
Modular planters consist of four elements: 150cm rectangular module, 90⁰ module, 135⁰ module, closing side element.
The rectangular module is primarily used for lengthening, while the 90⁰ and 135⁰ angled modules allow for the desired direction. Once the modular system and the automatic self-watering or drainage system are complete, the side elements are attached to close the planter in the desired shape.
In this way, the entire assembly can be located not only along a straight wall or railing but also in a corner.

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