We Bring Nature to the Modern World

Wagner Planters is German design of metal high-quality outdoor and indoor planters for use in restaurants, hotels, retail units, office buildings, luxury landscapes and stately homes. It combines simplicity with practicality to create virtually unlimited possibilities for continuous planting. Our collection of commercial and residential planters are beautiful in modern spaces but also enhance traditional settings, and our hand-finished process and custom metal planter options allow a purchase to be completely customized to your space and design aesthetic. That’s why our products are a favorite of interior designers, architects, landscape designers, project managers, and homeowners with a keen eye and discerning taste.

Functionality, Quality, Order

What particularly matters to our company is functionality, top quality at a decent price and order in the broad sense of the word.

Functionality means that planters are resistant not only to frost but also to heat. It should also be added that Wagner Planters are intended for both outdoor and indoor use.

The highest quality is achieved by using durable, weather-resistant materials that will look like new even after years of outdoor use. Whether it’s polished stainless steel or high-quality wood or granite, you don’t have to worry about stains, rust or discolouration anytime soon.

When it comes to order, you’ll be able to create the arrangement of your dreams and easily set up accents.

Practicality with Quick Change

Wagner Planters – multi-purpose planters for plants and trees of various sizes. Inside our planters is the “Quick Change” metal support system. This allows you to change the height of the built-in metal supports so that your chosen smaller pot fits into the Wagner Planters one. This allows you to skip the whole repotting process and change contents in seconds.

Our planters are equipped with hidden wheels that allow them to be moved over surfaces and placed into their intended space. Larger planters have larger wheels, as their weight together with the soil and plants is also greater. It is possible to install legs instead of wheels if required.

Whom Should
Our Planters Interest?

The possibilities are endless. Restaurant and hotel owners wishing to add additional flair to their premises. Gardeners, architects and landscape architects, interior designers, stately home owners and many others with a taste for quality design.

Our team is always ready to assist you in choosing a planter that is the best fit for your indoor or outdoor premises. Feel free to contact us with your wishes or inquiries any time!