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[wagner_info_box image=”4458″ image_size=”full” title=”Variability” description=”Choose from multiple colours and multiple materials to get the look that suits you.”][wagner_info_box image=”4459″ image_size=”full” title=”UV-resistance” description=”We use materials that don’t degrade or lose colour over time when exposed to sunlight.”][wagner_info_box image=”4460″ image_size=”full” title=”Overall weather resistance” description=”Not just the sun, but the rain, wind, frost and heat – our planters can withstand it all.”][wagner_info_box image=”4461″ image_size=”full” title=”Durability” description=”Thanks to their strengthened, foam-filled walls, you don’t have to worry about the planters breaking when tipped over. Or about the planter body breaking as a result of freezing soil expansion.”]
[wagner_info_box image=”4462″ image_size=”full” title=”Hidden wheels that can be locked in place” description=”You can easily move the planters around, but also fix them wherever is needed.”][wagner_info_box image=”4463″ image_size=”full” title=”Two year warranty” description=”We guarantee the quality of our products and will gladly offer compensation if one proves faulty.”][wagner_info_box image=”32798″ image_size=”full” title=”For external & internal use” description=”Wagner Planters are to be used inside and outside. In case a planter is to stand inside a building, it is possible to make a sealed bottom without drainage holes.”]

Forest Model

These planters add a touch of nature to whatever environment they find themselves in.

With decorative inserts made out of solid wood, they can be a great fit for modern spaces, where they add warmth to an often clean-cut contemporary design.

However, they are also not out of place in a more traditional environment. They can add a more modern touch, but still seem as a natural part of the whole.

All FOREST planters are available in Natural Pine (Amber Pine) colour. On request other colours of inserts are also possible – Polar Pine Aland and Pasadena Pine.

Classic Model

In CLASSIC planters both the body and the decorative inserts are made of galvanised steel. Four basic colours are available from stock, and on request other colours of the body and inserts are possible – from RAL colour palette.

CLASSIC is one of two models that will provide a smooth visual effect. In order to achieve this effect, both the body and the insert should be in the same colour. The second model is a modular planter.

Due to their sharp, minimalist design, these planters shine the best in modern residential and commercial spaces.

Steel Model

The STEEL model includes a decorative stainless steel insert that is textured, yet this textured pattern is almost unnoticeable from a distance of  just a few meters.

As a decorative insert also brushed steel is possible, which is characterised by a very smooth, matt surface and has a characteristic “kind of scratched” structure, therefore small scratches are not visible, as they disappear against the brushed surface.

The Steel planters are a good fit for places with a modern or high-tech aesthetic due to their sharp, futuristic design.

Stone Model

Both natural and artificial stone serve as decorative inserts in these unique planters, where every piece is truly an original of its own.

Natural granite is the primary decorative material. Smaller planters (50 cm height and width) can be fitted with artificial stone should the customer request it.

The distinctive aesthetic of these planters is perfect for modern buildings, where it can nicely complement natural terrace surfaces.

However, these planters won’t be out of place in many other settings and a keen designer can make them work almost anywhere.

Corten Model

Currently, corten steel is very popular among architects and designers who are willing to use it in arranging the space of a garden, city or restaurant.

Wagner Planters took into account the charm and indisputable magic of corten by offering a solution that will satisfy the most sophisticated needs and tastes.

The CORTEN model will work in any space, especially in a modern and minimalist style.

Modular Model

As the name suggests, it is made up of modules that can be combined in any quantity: a 150 cm rectangular module, a 90⁰ module, a 135⁰ module and a side closing element.

The Modular planter is the answer to a long-standing garden trend, namely the use of technology in the garden. Modular planters have an automatic watering system, they take care of the watering of your home jungles, so you can find more time for yourself!

Combine multiple planters into a single modular system that will give your space a completely unique look and create an oasis planted with a diverse range of plants.

Curious which model would be the perfect match for your interior or exterior? Our designers will be glad to advise you. Contact us and we'll work something out!